Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AQx Baseball Performance & Conditioning Workshop

Workshop Announcement: AQx Baseball Performance & Conditioning Workshop

Featuring an exciting round-table discussion with World Series MVP and Golden Glove Winner, Scott Brosius, Cincinnati Reds Physical Therapist and Rehab Coordinator, Brad Epstein, Athletic Trainer in the Cincinnati Reds Organization, Patrick Serbus, and Dr. Garry Killgore, founder and president of AQx Sports®.

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AQx Aquatic Training Shoes Proven to Increase Workload on Underwater Treadmill

The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, recently published a study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University using the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes on an underwater treadmill. The study proved that wearing the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes increased VO2 by 4.12mL · Kg-1 · min-1 at any given water treadmill speed. The study also found that Heart Rate was approximately 7bpm less during water treadmill running compared with land treadmill running, although the metabolic demand (VO2 ) was similar. The full citation and abstract are below.

Rife, R. K., J. W. Myrer, P. Vehrs, J. B. Feland, I. Hunter, and G. W. Fellingham. (2010). Water Treadmill Parameters Needed to Obtain Land Treadmill Intensities in Runners. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., 42(4), 733-738.


RIFE, R. K., J. W. MYRER, P. VEHRS, J. B. FELAND, I. HUNTER, and G. W. FELLINGHAM. Water Treadmill Parameters Needed to Obtain Land Treadmill Intensities in Runners. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 42, No. 4, pp. 733-738, 2010.

Purpose: To establish water treadmill running parameters with shoes (WTR-S) and without water shoes (WTR-NS) needed to obtain known land treadmill running (LTR) cardiorespiratory responses.

Methods: Eighteen trained college-aged runners participated in three running conditions (LTR, WTR-S, and WTR-NS) where cardiorespiratory responses were measured. The primary variables of interest were V 0 2 , HR, treadmill speed, and stride frequency (SF). These variables were assessed at 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80% equivalents of land V 0 2 m a x for all three running conditions.

Results: Data were centered; so in the analysis, intercepts were calculated within the range of data. At an HR of 150 bpm, V 0 2 was significantly less (P < 0.05) during LTR (34.6 mL-kg- 1min- 1 ) compared with WTR-S (37.5 mL-kg- 1 min- 1 ) and WTR-NS (37.2 mLkg- 1 min- 1 ) . HR was approximately 7 bpm less during WTR compared with LTR, although the metabolic demand (V02 ) was similar. At a treadmill speed of 160.9 m·min-1, SF during LTR was 23.6 strides per minute greater (P < 0.05) than that during WTR-S and 21.8 strides per minute greater than that during WTR-NS. Wearing water shoes increased V 0 2 by 4.12 m L · kg- 1€min- 1 at any given water treadmill speed.

Conclusions: To achieve metabolic oxygen demands equivalent to intensities from 50% to 80% of V 0 2 m a x on LTR, WTR parameters have to be changed from those used on LTR. WTR is an effective alternative to LTR. Subjects were able to exercise on the water treadmill at intensities equivalent to 80% of their V 0 2 m a x and 55% to 94% of their land H R m a x . Individuals can select a treadmill speed during WTR that elicits an HR of approximately 7 bpm less than their LTR to obtain a cardiorespiratory overload equivalent to 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80% of their land V 0 2 m a x .


Friday, September 10, 2010

AQx Facebook 500

Fans of AQx!

We have a challenge for you and your online network with some AQx gear to giveaway! By November 1, 2010 we hope to have 500 Facebook Page "Likes." Once we reach 500, each one of those 500 Fans will get 15% off any web purchase (coupon code to be distributed via Facebook Updates).

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Help us reach 500 Likes on Facebook by suggesting our AQx Facebook Page to your friends, and win some AQx schwag!

Thank you for your support - Intelligent Training: Just Add WaterTM!

Team AQx

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trainer Spotlight: Heidi Meyer-Spidell

Heidi Meyer-Spidell is one of our amazing AQx Master Trainers and is the acting Aquatic Fitness Director at Pinnacle Health and Fitness in Madison, Wisconsin. She hosts a 12 week Aqua Boot Camp and various other water running clinics. She also privately works with clients both runners and non-runners. “I have a lot of success,” says Heidi, “especially with clients getting back their muscular conditioning after different joint injuries.” Heidi is an ACE Certified Group and Personal Trainer, is certified by the Aquatic Exercise Association, and is certified by the Midwest Aquatic Fitness Association.

Heidi became interested in AQx after attending one of Pauline Ivens’s “Just Running” workshops which highlight the AQx system. After the workshop she “did all of the research that I could to find out about Dr. Killgore. I was impressed, intrigued and wanted more. I did everything that I could on my own studying and working on the technique.” Next, Heidi traveled to Orlando, Florida to the International Aquatic Fitness Conference where she met and trained with Dr. Killgore to become an AQx Master Trainer. “He was absolutely amazing.”

Heidi not only uses AQx to train others, she also uses the AQx system to assist in her own running endeavors. Years ago, Heidi incurred an injury in her knee and her “muscle tone never fully recovered because of continuous pain…I could only run a few miles in pain and averaged just over a ten minute mile pace.” Then she got into the water with AQx and improved her conditioning. “Now I am signed up for my first marathon in May! I completed my first two half marathons last year at about a 7:40/mile pace."

Here is what other people have to say about Heidi:

"Heidi Meyer-Spidell has taken the knowledge acquired through AQx and used it to positively impact our members in general. Her skills also give our organization a competitive advantage. On an individual bases she has aided members working through injuries that have allowed them to successfully return to their recreational activities. We truly appreciate the impact Heidi has had on our members.” --Mike McMahon, Owner/President Pinnacle Health + Fitness

“I came to Heidi two years ago after suffering several years of knee pain from running. I decided I had to reduce my mileage, but I needed other cross-training opportunities to compensate for the reduction. I am a terrible swimmer, so that really wasn't an option. Fortunately, Heidi's deep water running training has helped me fill that void with a tremendous non-impact workout. My knees have been largely pain-free in the past two years. Heidi's training helped me complete my first marathon and simultaneously qualify for Boston. I can't say enough about Heidi's personal approach. She has taken a true interest in my goals and is helping me attain them.” --Tim McCauley

“I am new to water running and I absolutely love it! It has helped me with my stride and my endurance! Heidi pays close attention to everyone's form and encourages you to work harder. I look forward to her class every week!” --Teresa Christianson

“Honestly, I was skeptical at first with the idea of "water running", only because I did not know much about it. Now, being a seasoned "water runner", I am truly amazed by this program! I considered myself in very good shape before this program, but now I am a faster and stronger runner because of this program, and because of my trainer, Heidi Spidell. Heidi is so 'tuned in' to when you have reached your individual plateau; she does not back down when it's time to push forward in your water running training. I know this is something I can do the rest of my life--injury free! Thanks Heidi!” --Kim Vandivier

Linfield Faculty & Staff AQx Class

As a part of two Linfield College Seniors' graduation requirements, AQx has been hosting an evening exercise class open to all Linfield Faculty and Staff. The class is held on Monday & Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 at the Linfield College Aquatics Center and usually brings in ten to fifteen participants. We do a variety of deep and shallow water exercises that can be enhanced for all fitness levels such as deep water running, deep water cross country skiing, shallow water drills/exercises, shallow water hip mobility/strengthening exercises, plyometrics, etc. If you have a Linfield ID we would be more than happy to have you join our class!

New AQx Research Studies

With the guidance of Dr. Garry Killgore, President and Founder of AQx, data is currently being gathered for two exciting research studies which feature AQx products. One study is testing the energy expenditure of baby boomers using the entire AQx system at a submaximal level; the other, is a comparison between land and water-based plyometrics while using the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes or being barefoot. We look forward to the results of this study!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2 Work-Outs that will Test Your New Year's Resolution:

Jeff Olson, AQx Master Trainer

Being a former collegiate athlete, I know the value of making a commitment and working hard to achieve the goals I set for myself and my team. The New Year is often the time for new commitments and “resolutions” and the desire is to maintain those goals throughout the year. AQx Aquatic Training Shoes (ATS), the Zero Gravity Suit (ZGS) and these two unique workouts can boost your winter workouts and add variety to your New Year’s resolution workout plan.

Workout #1: Deep Water Intervals

This unique deep water training routine developed by AQx helps improve speed and conditioning just like land-based intervals. The advantage of using the pool to complete these intervals is to reduce the impact forces your body encounters during land-based intervals and with the AQx aquatic training shoes delivering a 9% increase in caloric expenditure (compared to barefoot in water); your workout becomes a fat burning routine that will satisfy your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Warm-up: Deep water running for 10 minutes (May include some light shallow water drills)

2. Deep Water Routine: Sprint Intervals
3x 45 sec "hard"/ 30sec "easy"
2 min recovery
3x 1 min "hard"/ 1min "easy”
2 min recovery
3x 30 sec "hard"/ 30sec "easy"

3. Cool-down: Deep water running for 10-15 minutes

Workout #2: Shallow Water

This unique shallow water training routine developed by AQx helps to improve speed, strength and agility. AQx’s aquatic training shoes are designed to grip the bottom of the pool providing a slip free environment that will allow you to add variety in your training plan and provides a cross training experience that can benefit anyone’s New Year’s resolution. This workout gives you the option to increase the intensity by simply increasing the number of reps of each exercise. *This workout usually takes 40 minutes

1. Warm-up: Deep water running for 5 minutes

2. Shallow Water Routine

* High knee skip
* Backwards skip (extend)
* Side shuffle with arm swings
* Carioca (also known as grapevine)
* Carioca with high knee across
* One legged ski jumps - Forward motion with side-to-side hops
* Tuck jumps
* Sprints* (make sure proper sprinting mechanics are used)
* *Alternate: Partner sprints - Partner sprints are great for added resistance and can be used for over-speed training - Partner places hands on the upper chest as the other partner sprints against the resistance
* 45 degree angle sprints - Start at shallow end of the pool and turn and sprint towards the deep end at a 45 degree angle
* Alternate leg split squats

3. Deep Water Routine

* Cross Country Ski
* Alternate leg toe touches

4. Cool-down: Deep water running for 5 minutes